Today’s education session

So everyday during my 45 minute commute I try to listen business podcasts and I swear I find a new one everyday that I binge listen to. But here are three tips I learnt from podcasts and blogs that I have put into practice. 

1.) Plan, plan and plan – if you don’t plan, you will not hit your targets. 

Asana is the tool to use for this. I signed up today and have begun using to break down my massive goals into tiny doable chunks. Asana is truly great because they have a dashboard where you can see an overview of your goals. You can even assign to do to your family members or team.

2.)  I really really want to travel and so part of why I want to leave my 9-5 because I want the freedom of working anywhere enabling me to be location independent. 

Dream it alive is an online tool that helps you set up travel places and gives you tips. I love it so far. It’s free and I signed up via email.

3.) Outsourcing housecleaning help. 

I am really really bad at this one. I prefer not to pay extra for house cleaning but I really wish someone could come wash my toilets and floors. My weekends are spent cleaning and doing chores and I am so loosing out on actually spending quality time with my family. I am working on this one. I have a created a budget and have made some strides in cutting down costs so I’m hoping I can justify this expense because I think it’s worth it. 

Well that’s all I have for now. But I will be back with more – I promise!

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