Juggling two kids and a full time job? Here are three books that made my juggling easier!

Ok so I thought life was hard when I had one kid and I was juggling drop off and pick up but two kiddos is a whole new game.

I must say though that I am getting more efficient at doing things and am currently reading three books that have changed my life. It has helped me juggle work and home life a little better.  It is still a challenge but the strategies in the book help!

These three books have been game changers for me in the parenting working world.

  1. How to manage your home without losing your mind by Dana K. White
  2. If I have to tell you one more time by Amy McReady
  3. I know how she does it by Laura Vanderkamp

These three books have changed my life.

In the nut shell the  books talk about how to get organized and have routines but not in a crazy OCD kind of way. Read on to get the highlights that changed my life. I am not completely following these but I do have the strategies in my back pocket. If things go array (messes, crabby kids and bad meals), I KNOW where I went wrong and can redirect the wheel to get on track.

How to manage your home without losing your mind by Dana K. White

The first book is AH-MAZING! I have been looking for a book like this all my life. I am a clean freak but do not do well with routines. My friends call me a free bird for a reason. I get bored easily and routines are not my cup of tea.

Dana K. White is witty and funny. And she happily claims she is a slob and she reminds me so much of me. Cleaning and routines do not come naturally to her. She writes a book from a slobs perspective and gives a lot of insights on the everyday or weekly things she has to do whether she likes it or not!  Ok here are the highlights to keep a somewhat clean house with little kiddos, both full-time working parents, heck even stay at home parents. Lets face, being with kids all day is WORK.

1.) Tip #1 – do dishes everyday.

2.) Tip #2 – Five minute pick up everyday

3.) Tip#3 – Laundry day just one day a week – do not DO it everyday because you will RESENT this and just loose your mind one day and QUIT!

There are so many other amazing tips so be sure to read her book.

If I have to tell you one more time by Amy McReady

This second book OPENED my eyes to my kids brain. LOVED the way Amy describes things from a child’s perspective. Basically she says kids have underlying issues when they misbehave. She also gives excellent usable tips on how to handle this issues and common misbehaviors. Seriously LOVED this book!

Here the top 3 tips for parent.

1.) Give kids attention before they seek undue attention from you when you least give it. The sweet spot is 10 min twice a day or even once a day with each kid will make a huge difference. HANDS DOWN this strategy has worked for me. I have used it with my 5 year old daughter and it has completely changed the way she is with me.

2.) When and then and either or toolbox  – Amy goes into detail on how to use “when then” and “either or.” When you have you want kids to do something you encourage them by saying “when you finish your dinner, then you can watch TV.” When you want your kids to stop doing something you use either/or. For example, either you pick up your puzzle pieces from the floor, or the puzzle will be put away in the give away box.” I know this one is a little harsh but you get the gist of it…you must read the book to get more tactics.

3.) Consequences should be related when it comes to dealing with misbehaviors. Consequences should also be shared ahead of time so kids are aware what will go down if they do misbehave. This one has been a game changer for me. The one big one that has had 100% success rate is when I have told my daughter ahead of time what the consequences will be if she misbehaves at a friends, restaurant, religious gathering. The consequences for her fussing, crying, fighting with other kids or talking back at me is us LEAVING and going home. I only had to do actually follow through one and VOILA things tempered down the next time.

Go to audible.com and get the free book. You will not regret reading this especially if you just resorted to repeating, ordering, directing and YELLING to your kids to get them to do stuff.

Last book….

Before I get to the last book – you may ask. What has this go to do with cubicle be gone. I will raise my hand and say – EVERYTHING! In order to get out the cubicle and start your own thing while parenting is having time and energy to working on your hustle after hours. Having sanity at home with proper systems and tools will get you closer to achieving your goals. Ok so lets move to the last book.

I know how she does it by Laura Vanderkamp

Ok I must this book in the beginning was not pulling at my heart but as I got to the middle, there were some real gold nuggets. This book brought home why all working moms (SAHM, WAHM, WOTHM) have it HARD. It doesn’t matter what type of mom you are, PARENTING is HARD. She goes through time logs of other mums and finds pockets of times where working moms are able to do (excersice, meeting with friends and work) as well as spend quality time with their kids. There is a quote I LOVED from this book – “the time is there for what matters – Laura Vanderkamp.”

Top 3 tips:

1. ) Plan your time

2.) Routines

3.) Self care

To learn more. Go to audible.com via this link and sign up for a free book.

Thank you for reading.

Lets live life to the fullest!





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