Juggling two kids and a full time job? Here are three books that made my juggling easier!

Ok so I thought life was hard when I had one kid and I was juggling drop off and pick up but two kiddos is a whole new game. I must say though that I am getting more efficient at doing things and am currently reading three books that have changed my life. It has helped me juggle work and home life a little better.  It is still a challenge but the [...]

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Today’s education session

So everyday during my 45 minute commute I try to listen business podcasts and I swear I find a new one everyday that I binge listen to. But here are three tips I learnt from [...]


Hi there! I am so happy you are here visiting. Welcome! I am here to chronicle my journey out of the corporate 9-5. I hope to take document my journey step by step. I am a mom [...]